**Please note, we have moved our software from PC to web app.
The screenshots below is our early beta version and the browser integration should be completed by the middle of October**

Simply copy and paste the URL, hit preview, then the product is tracked.
Or use our amazing chrome plugin for one click product tracking.
Alternatively for sites not yet supported, please use the request form and we will make this website available for tracking.
You can choose to be notified when price drops by certain percentage or any amount.
Up coming features will also include, free shipping or coupon code notification.



We track your product every 10 mins, to alert you as soon as it drops in price, so you can get the bargains before they run out!
See what the hottest products your competitors are tracking also.

Sort you tracked products by category using smart search


Track a products price over time


Easily see what tracked products are rising and dropping