shopper (Mobile)

The Shopper

Imagine having the power to watch the price of all the products you love all the time scanning for shopping deals. Knowing that as soon as that dress, or those shoes drops to deal of the day, you will be notified so you can go back and buy them.
Scenario: Kate really loves handbags, so she has gone to her favorite on-line shopping store that sells high quality bags. There is plenty of products she loves but none of them are in her price range.  So Kate, adds each handbag she loves to Wish4This software.
Later that week, one of the handbags she loves, is marked down from $200 to $150. Wish4This notifies her, and she goes back and buys that handbag she wanted saving $50 !
Wish4This is like having a personal assistant that watches prices on any website at-least once a day looking for shopping deals.

business2 (Mobile)

The Business

Buying and re-selling online is a tough competitive market. You need every edge you can get to have the advantage.
Imagine being able to track what your competitor is doing and what shopping deals are available, always knowing what prices their products are, and being notified when they have dropped them in price.
Wish4This gives you an edge when it comes to buying and re-selling.
Scenario: Dave has an eBay store. He is in a very competitive field and finds he is always struggling to keep selling his products with enough markup to make a profit.
But things have now changed after using Wish4This. Dave visits his online stores he regularly buys from. He adds over a hundred products to his Wish4This tracker, these are the products he sells the most of.
The next day, Wish4This notifies him, that 8 items he is tracking have been marked as free shipping, and 3 items have been dropped by 30%. Now he has a great opportunity to purchase these products, and re-sell them on eBay with a higher markup!
It takes just 15 seconds on average, to add a product to track.